246 First States Arise

They used to refer to the time before 2000 years ago as ‘BC’ and the last 2000 years or so as ‘AD’.
In a modern and inclusive world,  the ages are now referred to as ‘BCE’ which stands for ‘Before Current Era’ and ‘CE’ meaning ‘Current Era’.

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As the human expansion into new territories continued and populations increased as a result of farming, first there were villages, then towns and ultimately, cities that dominated ever larger areas.

This first states arose around 3500 BCE or put another way, approximately 5500 years ago.

Climate change had finally pushed the Sahara from the slowly drying savannah bushland, all the way to desert. The last of the mammoths have now died and the Mycenaean establishment of the Greek language/identity is completed.

While the first cities were being built, China invented writing independently.

Changes in human appearance in different regions produce many ‘races’.

To be continued.

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