304 End of the 20th Century

This is the last of the essays that relate to the past, although there will be a few more essays to come to try and guess what the future may hold. Of course, we already know the ultimate outcome, as our star hits middle age and starts to run out of hydrogen.

This is just a placeholder post and is yet to be written.

Whether humans survive long enough to see the start of the process is a question too big for us to contemplate, especially considering we are already a quarter way to the average life of a mammalian species together with our apparently self-destructive inclinations.

Even if we managed to get to the maximum average, 40 times longer, by the time the sun hits middle age, we would need to have survived 2000 times longer than we have survived thus far, so it’s unlikely our species will be around to see it.

What we can see clearly enough is a view of the Earth in the year 2000 and much has already been written on the subject. So much that there is no purpose in adding to that here except to say, we should reflect that even now, superstition, nationalism and tribalism still flourish.

There is reason to be optimistic however. Education is gradually eradicating many of the underlying problems that produce the negative outcomes and as we learn more of our history, the message that we are not special, not above the consequences of our actions, the more quickly we can harness our remarkable abilities to build a better environment for future generations. The next thousand years will tell the story.


If you would like to help with this grand project, this project of great imagination, this almost impossible project of writing ‘the entire history of the universe and the earth’ – in chronological order, why not consider joining us?
We could use your help and your comments and guidance may be of great importance.

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