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Dan Hughes. Everything important that ever happened. History of the Universe.Over the last six years I have compiled a list of Every Important Event In The History of The Universe, a ‘Diary’ of milestones and printed them out in chronological order.the book

I started with the Big Bang and worked my way through important events like…..
the first fire in the universe,
the birth of the Milky Way,
the formation of the Sun,
the massive earth collision that created our moon,
all the movements of the continents,
the comet and asteroid strikes,
the super massive volcanos like Yellowstone and the Gulf of Naples,
when the tides were a 1000 foot high and
the moon filled the whole night sky,
when the days were only 12 hours long,
the birth of the first creatures,
when Siberia caught fire,
when India smashed into China and drove up the Himalayas,
all the species extinction events,
everything in the correct order, right up to this morning.Close moon. Everything important that ever happened. History of the Universe.

They’re great for kids or grandchildren BUT there are many other people who just love it.

This is a wonderful educational opportunity for older students, adults and gifted or smarter younger children.

Reading the chart is compelling and entertaining, absorbing and interesting so it is not only educational for students and adults alike, it can also suit professionals for medical waiting rooms, property sales waiting areas, libraries, class rooms and general public areas.

This is an wonderful gift for children and grandchildren, one that can truly open their eyes to the most astonishing gaps of time we find so hard to comprehend. It puts our human self obsession in perspective when we see how little of the universe we occupy and for such an incredibly short time.

It really is unique, as I have found nothing to compare to it, anywhere. Given the years of research to compose, I probably should not be surprised.

This is the latest edition of what many claim is the most comprehensive science poster ever. It’s a powerful educational tool that allows students, science buffs and other perceptive individuals to see the BIG picture.

To get this into the hands of as many children as possible, the cost is $10 Australian (about $7 US or about 6 Euro/Pound) and you can print as many copies as you need.

This massive source of history will be sent to your email and you can then print copies for yourself, children or grandchildren. Copy the file to a USB stick and take it to your printer.

You could even forward the email to a son or daughter and have them organize the printing for you.


(You can see ALL the interesting ‘days’ in the magnificent science poster which you can download and print. See what it looks like here.)